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Southeastern Consignment Furniture is a full-service furniture company based in Tuscaloosa, AL. We aim to provide all residents in the surrounding areas with affordable and quality furniture. Whether a few students need couches for a year or two, or a couple of newlyweds are looking to furnish their first home, we are committed to helping you.

At Southeastern Consignment Furniture, we offer everyday low prices. The sale never ends! Our furniture is consistently priced low so you know there will be something here that you can afford. While we do offer bargain deals, they do not come at a high cost. One might think that cheap furniture means low quality, but that is not necessarily so!

Our 40 years of experience in the business have given us keen eyes to spot quality deals at all corners of the market. From manufacturers to yard sales, we know what is a good deal and what is not. It is essential to strike a balance between low price and quality materials. A piece of furniture is no good if it is cheaply made and bound to break, but at the same time we do not expect you to overpay for something you cannot afford!

At Southeastern Consignment Furniture, we use our experience to find the best deals, not compromising on either quality or price. We are committed to finding bargains and passing them to you, so stop by our shop today!

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